The attendants

The attendants
Mixed Media on Canvas – (50x100cm)

The soul. A piece of heaven in all of us.
A place where the angels sleep, dance, love and hug each other.
So wonderful, so unique.
We aren’t even aware of its beauty, its hidden and secret place.
We live from one day to the other, nothing lasts forever, we struggle, we hide. We betray ourselves, we betray the world. We forget.
We fall, stand up.. but often remain without answers!

Heaven knows best.

Do we hear it? Can you hear it? Do we hear it? Can you hear it?
There are those very special people amongst us, people who feel it. Next to those people nothing remains the same. They are sent to us to love, to build and construct a world of love. They touch us with their beautiful soul and give, naturally, without seeking anything back…colour! Without them, our world would be a more grey and boring place!

Julija is one of that kind of persons. She reminds you of your worth when you forgot about it. With her work she gives you the strength to move on when you are stuck. She opens your eyes for the beauty that is already happening to you.
Let go and allow her to bring a bit of colour and light into your life!
Don´t be afraid – a little piece of heaven is shining in everyone of us – I can tell you!