FAQS & Pricing

While both my soul art and intuitive abstracts are created in a state of mindfulness and inner connection, soul paintings are very personal pieces of spiritual art, commissioned by individual clients, in which I connect with their energy and spirit guides to reveal what their soul seeks.

While my intuitive abstracts are always created in a space of heart centred inner awareness, you do not have to be spiritual to be drawn to a piece.

My art is created to be enjoyed by anyone that feels a connection to it. 

Whether you are drawn to the dazzling array of vivid colours bubbling in a pool of rich energy and expression, or whether you see reflections of your own unique internal landscape in the imagery, if it is meant for you, you will know…intuitively.

If you see something in the gallery that you like simply get in touch through the enquiry form with the details.

If you are drawn to something that has already been sold, I can create something in a similar style, but with its own uniqueness – as each painting is one of a kind. 

Or if you’d like to discuss a custom intuitive abstract piece, again just send me a short message with your requirements and I’ll get back in touch as quickly as possible.

Absolutely. Simply send me a message through the enquiry form below with your wishes. 

Custom intuitive abstracts are commissioned at a limited quantity each month and typically have a 4 – 6 week turnaround. 

Given my intuitive art process, each piece takes a great deal of time to come to realisation.  

Sometimes I need to step away from what I am working on for a few days to allow my intuition strengthen and my insight deepen to complete the piece. 

Should you not find the perfect piece in the gallery or as often happens, find the art creation that stirs your soul, only to discover it has sold, you can get in touch with me through the enquiry form about having a specially commissioned piece created for you. 

My abstract pricing depends on the level of energy involved in creating a piece and the size of the canvas requested. 


Yes, I ship internationally with many happy clients dotted all over the world. 

Shipping costs will depend on the item ordered and whether shipped nationally (Ireland) or internationally. 

Smaller-sized canvas works typically cost between €20 to €50, depending on whether posted nationally or internationally. 

Larger canvases can cost anywhere from €100 to €150, again depending on whether posted within Ireland or abroad. 

In order to reduce costs, some clients request the piece is shipped as a roll canvas without the frame. While I can and have done this for clients in the past,  please understand in order to protect the art I prefer not to.

As these pieces contain many layers, there is a risk of  the layers cracking. The same risk applies to the golden leaf.  For this reason I can not take responsibility for the painting getting damaged when shipped in this manner. Please bear in mind you would also have to bear the price of additional framing fees when your painting arrives.  

You can pay securely through Paypal. Please get in touch via the enquiry form to learn about how payment is processed. 

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