FAQS & Pricing

I use my intuitive gifts and meditation techniques to open myself to receive the energy and deeper emotions of the person I am painting for.

Tapping into their energy field with focused intent, my ego self is no longer present. And the magic of the art flows forth from there as guidance and inspiration swirl in a sea of abstract colors, patterns and imagery.

The vibrant colors and hidden imagery that gradually reveals itself in each soul painting serves to awaken conscious insight and wisdom from the client’s soul self. It is the message their soul seeks them to see, communicating in our primal language of colours, symbols, shapes, and imagery.

One of the first things many of my clients  spot in their painting is that of an animal.  When an animal reveals itself to you like this in one of my paintings it is your animal spirit inviting you to connect.  

A spirit animal is a reflection of your own true spirit essence, and is there to remind you of your inherent wisdom. These are animals that play the role of a spiritual guide for you.

When a spirit animal is showing up in your soul painting, it has a message for you. It may want you to pay attention to something or it may simply want to affirm that you are on the right path.

Many clients often say that having witnessed their spirit animal emerge in their soul painting, it starts to appear everywhere to them…from dreams to gifts from friends to the internet and magazines in a magical sequence of synchronicities. Again the spirit animal is signalling you to get in touch with your inner truth and unquenchable light.

This is a question I receive frequently. The truth is there is nothing to fear in your soul painting as it would not appear to you unless your soul knew you were honestly ready for it. 

Occasionally, you will see things in the painting that  reflect darker aspects of your self that you need to confront in this lifetime. 

Negative emotions of the egoic mind such as bitterness, jealousy, and resentment that hide the brilliance of our true self. 

But while confronting these aspects of ourselves can be a temporarily emotionally painful experience, the soul’s message is always about moving beyond fear and limitation. 

It’s about realising how beautiful, diverse and energetically large your true whole self is and embracing your true life path with clarity and strength.

Each painting is different but I will typically complete a soul painting within 2 – 3 weeks. 

Given the nature of the soul painting it is important to me that the soul painting enters the client’s house with a positive feeling.

 I like to agree a price with the client that they are comfortable with paying. For most clients this is usually between €350 and €600 for a unique piece of soul art, depending on the size.

Yes, I ship internationally with many happy clients dotted all over the world.

Shipping costs will depend on the item ordered and whether shipped nationally (Ireland) or internationally.

Smaller-sized canvas works typically cost between €20 to €50, depending on whether posted nationally or internationally.

Larger canvases can cost anywhere from €100 to €150, again depending on whether posted within Ireland or abroad.

In order to reduce costs, some clients request the piece is shipped as a roll canvas without the frame. While I can and have done this for clients in the past, please understand in order to protect the art I prefer not to.

As these pieces contain many layers, there is a risk of the layers cracking. The same risk applies to the golden leaf. 

For this reason I can not take responsibility for the painting getting damaged when shipped in this manner. Please bear in mind you would also have to bear the price of additional framing fees when your painting arrives.

Yes I do indeed. My intuitive abstract pieces are available to view and purchase in the gallery. These can also be requested on a commission basis. I also create paintings in water colours not displayed on this website. 

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