What are Intuitive Abstracts?

Intuitive Abstracts are vibrant and vivacious paintings, created through the flow of intuition.

In this sense, it is art born from going beyond the everyday thinking self, to a deeper place within.

While immersed in this state of flow, my intuitive self is given free reign of expression, sparking creativity in many unexpected ways. And thus, the magic of the art unfolds, always guided from within…

Intuitive Abstracts Process and Materials Used

I use a combination of the highest-quality acrylics, oil crayons, and golden or copper leaf in the creation of each intuitive abstract.

When painting each piece, a cocoon of incredible hues and colour schemes emerge from within. 

These colours co-mingle, take shape, and change form, as layers form upon layers without any preconceived expectations. 

My artist tools are simply a knife, a sponge and my hands, to gently scratch and reveal spectacular new colours hidden beneath the surface. 

Always created in a space of mindfulness, the art simply flows, as each piece is naturally and intuitively brought to light.

Creative Inspiration

As an artist, I’m drawn to old objects, particularly old walls.

Layered with colour, texture, and history – imagine the stories unearthed if they could talk?

It is that dazzling array of rich, textured colour, hidden beneath the surface of an old wall, that draws me in the most. 

Like humans they have an exquisite inner beauty, looking to be revealed with some gentle coaxing.

Unveiling hidden beauty by making the invisible visible is what permeates my artistic expression. 

Highly Versatile Art Pieces

If you are drawn to owning your own intuitive abstract, an added benefit is their incredible versatility in how they complement a myriad of design styles. 

From old Georgian farmhouses to sleek city apartments, these pieces work their magic in any interior setting.

A Small Sample of my Intuitive Abstracts

Below is just a small sample of some of the many intuitive abstracts I have painted. To see the entire collection please visit the intuitive abstracts gallery page.

FAQ & Pricing

Please visit the FAQ & Pricing page to learn more about my pricing for intuitive abstracts and the most frequently asked questions.

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