I believe that everything that appears to us and crosses our way, belongs to us and is part of our movement – of our personal growth. I believe everything is connected to anything else!

With my paintings it is like watching the clouds. All of a sudden there would be something we can spot in there.

Whatever gets visible, do not take it for granted, because it is telling a story and it wants to remind us of something as we go through our very own roller coaster of life.


I am inspired by everything old, but am mostly attracted to old walls. 

They remind me of us humans, with all our layers of experiences, of situations in life that made us the way we are today. 

Old walls tell a story and have soul. 


With my paintings I try to catch the wonders in simplicity. I give them colour, shape and the special glow that we are all looking for but carry within us at the same time.

The most vibrant and vivid colours would appear to sparkle through when some layers are removed.

This is one main part of the process when I paint. I would apply layers to scratch them down later. The golden leaf appears as the translucent medium in my paintings and would show up in almost every piece of my art.

For me it is a synonymous for the divine within everything and everybody!

Julija Saler

Intuitive Abstract Artist, Owlart